Construction Materials Testing

The appropriate and specified use of construction materials on a project site is of the utmost importance for long term performance and success of any construction project. Poor workmanship, material quality or installation practices may lead to costly and time-consuming failure repairs and maintenance of important assets.

SUMMIT’s Construction Material Testing (CMT) group is our largest department and is acutely aware of the importance of the proper use and practices for a wide-range of construction materials. Our CMT group is equipped with an extensive array of material testing equipment and our field technicians and professional staff are qualified to test construction materials and provide forensic assistance on previously installed materials.

  • Testing of Structural Fill Soils
  • Evaluation of Foundation Soils (Bearing Capacity)
  • Asphalt Sampling, Coring, Testing, and Monitoring
  • SC & NCDOT Certified Asphalt Inspections
  • ACI Certified Sampling and Testing of Concrete
  • Retaining Wall Monitoring and Certification
  • Quantification of Materials
  • Soil Improvement and Evaluation
  • Aggregate Base Testing
  • Concrete Mix Designs
  • Lime/Cement Stabilization
  • Paint/Coating Thickness Testing
  • Vapor Emissions Testing
  • Floor Flatness Testing

Statement of Qualifications