Employee Ownership Celebrated at SUMMIT all month long

While SUMMIT’s transition to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) corporate structure is a major part of our company’s story from the last couple of years, we took advantage of October 2018 to finally celebrate this achievement, all month long!  The ESOP Association designates October as the time to recognize the nation’s ESOP entities, and we were happy to join the fun.  From weekly activities and games with prizes up for grabs, to great information shared by our Employee Communications Committee, to pumpkin carving, taco food trucks and a company-wide celebration on October 29th, we reflected on our great work in 2018 and the momentum that our employee-owners are looking to carry into 2019.  We also enjoyed a company-wide announcement of our initial stock price – making those first ESOP statements arriving in the mailboxes of our employee-owners all the more meaningful ($$)!

ESOP Month Photo Collage