Company History

SUMMIT Engineering, Laboratory & Testing, P.C. (“SUMMIT”) was founded in the Charlotte-Metropolitan area by three experienced professionals, Douglas Curley, P.E., Andrew Coffey and Robert McDonnell, in 2004. SUMMIT has since diversified into a multi-disciplinary consulting firm offering engineering expertise through full-service departments including Environmental, Geotechnical, Subsurface Drilling, Special Inspections, Materials Testing, Forensic and Structural Engineering, all backed by a full-service, 5,000 SF, NCDOT Tier III-, AMRL-, CCRL- and AASHTO-certified Laboratory.
Since SUMMIT’s founding, the company has experienced consistent and steady expansion in all of our service sectors, capabilities, clientele and staff size. SUMMIT is now comprised of over 150 employees with five office locations across North and South Carolina. SUMMIT is poised for continued growth within our existing markets in addition to exploring new opportunities throughout the Southeast. We serve our clients from offices located in Charlotte and Raleigh, NC, and Columbia, Greenville and Charleston, SC.
With extensive experience in both the public and private sectors, our services are utilized on a wide variety of buildings, infrastructure improvements and other facilities. Our portfolio includes thousands of successful projects in the Residential, Commercial, Transportation, Multi-Family, Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality, Industrial and Government sectors.
Our top priority is to work closely with our diverse client base to assist them in obtaining the quality engineering and testing services they require and achieve success on any project. Our clientele know that they can trust the services SUMMIT offers. We look forward to earning your trust, too, by providing these same services for your next project!

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    Company Timeline

  • 2004
    SUMMIT ECS, Inc. founded with 3 principals7%

  • 2005
    12 employees; opened a Materials laboratory18%

  • 2006
    35 employees; Environmental department opened25%

  • 2007
    50 employees; Opened new 12,000 SF office in the Charlotte area30%

  • 2008
    52 employees; Formed various strategic alliances35%

  • 2009
    45 employees, Maintained majority of staff through recession; Purchased first CME 55 ATV drilling platforms35%

  • 2010
    53 employees; Added structural engineering to SUMMIT's services; Acquired Raleigh-based firm in late 2010; Secured 2nd drilling platform, CME 45B truck rig40%

  • 2011
    56 employees; Hired director of Business Development; Expanded Raleigh and Charlotte offices45%

  • 2012
    Hired Chief Engineer and Raleigh branch manager; Opened Columbia, SC office;
    2nd ATV drill rig55%

  • 2013
    Over 80 employees; Grew Charlotte and Raleigh offices; Opened Charleston, SC office75%

  • 2014
    Over 90 employees in five locations; Company celebrates 10th anniversary;
    Opened Greenville, SC office85%

  • 2015
    Hired Regional Manager to oversee South Carolina offices; Grew to over 100 employees85%

  • 2017
    Company becomes 100% Employee-owned ESOP; Charleston and Raleigh offices are both relocated to accommodate growth and greater on-site laboratory capabilities90%

  • 2018
    Company reaches 150 employees92%

  • 2019
    15th Anniversary celebrated; Corporate HQ renovated93%